Mastering the information system

Training to come (French session)!...

- Training on IA use (GPT de OpenAI, Gemini de Google, Claude 3 d'Anthropic, Copilot de Microsoft with plugin's
(fully remote on zoom)
- Date:
* July 8th-20th, 2024 (1st session)
* September 9th-21th, 2024 (2nd session)


Artificial intelligence training: This online and in-person training offers a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on the practical application of advanced technologies such as OpenAI's GPT, Google's Gemini, Anthropic's Claude 3, and Microsoft's Copilot, enhanced by the use of specific plugins. Participants will be guided through interactive sessions to explore the potential of these language models and AI-assisted development tools.


=> Discover ChatGPT, its principles, and a general introduction to plugins.

=> Discover the main plugins, including HeyGen, Keymate, ArticleCreator, Access PDF and Docs, and Wikipedia.

=> Learn about advanced ChatGPT usage, practical use cases, DALL-E integration, and community resources with AnySheet.


- R software training will be provided by a team of three international experts
- PowerBI software training will be provided by a senior international expert

Course access and capitalization

- All courses are recorded and available for download by learners for 12 months. A dedicated forum enables participants to keep in touch with their supervisors throughout the course.
- Certificates will be issued to all participants who complete one month training (both courses and all practical exercises).

Large Language Models training (French session): ChatGPT, Gemini, Copilot, Claude3 and others IA plugins

Governance and Information Systems

In this section, you'll find all the information systems and governance support services we offer to help you improve your performance.

Applied training

You'll be familiar with a wide range of software for analysis, business intelligence, document research, educational content creation and management, project management and advanced word processing.

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