Our story

Systinfo.net represents a comprehensive overhaul of the original site medouaga@net, established in 2006, dedicated to promoting knowledge and skills in the field of information systems and their associated tools.

With over fifteen years of rich experience in advanced software manipulation, we firmly believe that knowledge loses its value if it cannot be shared. This belief inspired the founder of Systinfo.net, a trained physician, to make learning accessible and demystified for everyone. The site is a testament to our commitment to disseminate expertise in information systems, ensuring that valuable insights and technological know-how are within reach for professionals and enthusiasts alike, fostering an environment of continuous learning and innovation.

Our vision

Systinfo.net is committed to providing cost-effective, both in-person and remote, educational support for individuals and institutions eager to learn or enhance their knowledge and skills. Our mission encompasses a broad range of areas, including:

  1. Data Processing and Analysis: Offering comprehensive guidance in managing and interpreting complex datasets.
  2. Utilizing AI Tools (such as ChatGPT): Providing expertise in leveraging artificial intelligence tools for various applications.
  3. Data Visualization: Training in the creation of visually compelling representations of data to aid in decision-making processes.
  4. Development and Management of Educational and Training Content: Specializing in platforms like Moodle and the Scénari suite, to create engaging and effective learning materials.
  5. E-Health Strategy and Implementation: Guiding healthcare organizations in integrating digital technologies to improve patient care and operational efficiency.
  6. Health Information System (HIS) Architecture: Educating on designing and managing robust HIS structures, ensuring interoperability, and data integrity in line with healthcare standards.
  7. Biostatistics and Epidemiological Modeling: Offering insights into statistical methods applied to health-related data for understanding disease patterns and public health trends.
  8. Artificial Intelligence in Health: Training on the application of AI in healthcare, including machine learning and data-driven decision-making.
  9. Data Quality Management: Providing expertise in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of healthcare data from collection to analysis.

Systinfo.net contribue également à la formation et à l’encadrement  d’étudiants en science médicale en informatique médicale et science des donnés.

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